Our Vision

Creating Delightful Food Experiences

We believe in making the cooking experience better by adding flavours to the dishes that you prepare with love. With a mix of superior food knowledge, passion for delicate flavours and innovation additions, we make cooking not only easy, but also joyous. We believe in serving our customers with utmost honesty and forever being a part of their kitchens.

Our Mission

As an integrated food solutions company, we aim to deliver high quality products to our consumers through superior knowledge of food and passion to constantly innovate. We do so with integrity and utmost honesty towards our people, partners, customers and the environment.

The values that make us

Following our sCORE values

We take pride in our culture, work ethics and decisions that promote a conducive work environment. Our sCORE values make us who we are and motivate us to do better each day.

Valuing each other's contribution and fostering a trusting, caring, open and inclusive environment and treating everyone in a manner that reflects our values at all times.

Mutual Respect & Trust

Conducting our business and ourselves with honesty and transparency at all times.


Keeping our customer at the centre of all that we do and creating long lasting relationships by being responsive and relevant to deliver value and perfection.

Customer at the centre

Striving to change the status quo with new innovations and ideas with passion and the unflinching entrepreneurial spirit.


Being caring, showing respect, compassion and humility towards our colleagues, partners and customers.

Humility & Compassion

Respecting different opinions and decisions and encouraging people to do their best.


Code of Conduct

The employees of Del Monte are expected to observe the following principles of the code of conduct.

Never indulge in any form of harassment that may result in interfering with an individual’s performance or confidence and always be sensitive to the sentiments and cultural milieu at the workplace

Be responsive and polite in all your dealings and discussions and never raise your voice or abuse a customer even if he/she does not have a valid complaint

Ensure that you understand the implications of the laws that are applicable to your area of work and be compliant with the laws and applicable regulations

Be honest in all your dealings with the company and Business Associates. You are prohibited from wilfully providing incorrect information or concealing relevant data

Maintain a clean and organized work space with no obstacles or potential hazards to yourself or others and report any unsafe or illegal activity that may jeopardize the safety of others at the work place